GMT GCC Network and Dubai’s Premier Cricket Team Unite to Elevate the Game in the Middle East

In a momentous union, GMT GCC Network proudly announces its partnership with one of Dubai’s leading cricket teams, now rebranded as GMT CC. This alliance marks a historic milestone in the Middle East, celebrating not only the spirit of cricket but also the strengthening bonds within the region.

Cricket has woven itself into the fabric of the Middle East, transcending boundaries and fostering camaraderie. GMT CC’s partnership with GMT GCC Network underscores the profound role that this sport plays in bringing diverse communities together, uniting them under the banner of passion, teamwork, and shared values.

Why This Partnership Matters:

A Beacon of Unity: This partnership symbolizes the unity and inclusivity that cricket promotes. GMT CC, now under GMT GCC Network’s wing, will serve as a symbol of diversity and collaboration.

Elevating Cricket in the Region: The Middle East boasts a rich cricketing heritage. GMT GCC Network’s support will elevate GMT CC’s o performance and participation, showcasing the region’s cricketing prowess on a global stage.

Community Engagement: Beyond the boundaries of the pitch, GMT GCC Network and GMT CC are committed to giving back to the community. Initiatives such as youth coaching programs and charity events will be at the forefront of our partnership.

Deremi Ajidahun, Managing Director, GMT GCC Network shared “We believe in the power of cricket to foster harmony, and this partnership exemplifies our commitment to the region’s heritage and future.”

Balaji Narayanan, Captain of GMT CC, stated, “This collaboration with GMT GCC Network is a game-changer for us. We aim to make every fan proud, and our journey to excellence starts here.”

This partnership is not just about cricket; it’s about building bridges, inspiring youth, and creating a legacy that resonates across borders. Together, GMT GCC Network and GMT CC embark on an exciting journey to propel cricket in the Middle East to new heights.