Bvlgari reopens in Dubai Mall of the Emirates.

BVLGARI, the magnificent Roman jeweller and master of colored gems, celebrates the re-opening of the boutique in Dubai Mall of the Emirates in extended premises.   

The inspiration for the design of the new double height façade was an artistic sketch of an intricate bracelet designed in the 1930’s, which had been carefully conserved by Bulgari heritage archives. The distinctive geometrical design is formed by a rhombus mesh pattern and eight point stars which have become a recognizable symbol in the Bulgari design language.   A special illumination has been foreseen for the façade with a lighting scenography that perfectly links the heritage of Bulgari in the contemporary world of today.

The giant show windows framed by travertine stone portals with the same iconic design of the historic Via dei Condotti store, have eye catching back panels that are changed according to the season.  This summer, Bulgari celebrates its Mediterranean roots with infinite blues and golden sand tones and the magical light of Rome.  The windows have two colour palettes:  infinite blues of the Mediterranean sea and the golden apricot tones of the sunsets and magical light of Rome.  

There are as many shades of ocean blue as there are moments in time, all jewel blue from crystal clear aquamarine to deep blue sapphires. The intricate kaleidoscope with explosion of Mediterranean colour transports you to the sea front and you can almost imagine to feel the summer sea breeze, while enjoying the sunlight reflections on the water.  There are few moments as magical as when the sunsets in the Magnificent city of Rome in an explosion of golden wavelengths of light creating the perfect moment during the transition from day to night. 

A visit to the store itself is like a journey to Rome. BVLGARI is Rome: sunlight, marbles and magnificent architecture.  The interior design concept is a celebration of Italian design and heritage artfully combines precious materials, colors and sublime craftsmanship, epitomizing the relationship between ancient and modern, as well as tradition and innovation.  The materials and colour palette used for the interior design have a recall with ancient Roman classicism, whilst being lighter and more contemporary. Caldia marble has been used for the floor which also features an inlaid brass eight point star in the entrance zone which has become an unifying symbol used in all boutiques around the World. Interior portals in a beautiful emerald dark marble separate the distinctive zones within the store, as the layout has been conceived as a series of rooms to explore.

The focal element of the spacious store, is the elegant oval counter which has a sculptured travertine top reminiscent of Italian craftmanship and crowned by an original Gio Ponti chandelier from the 1950s.   

The wall finishes are a combination of a fluted, waved textured pattern, and precious silks further enriched by golden brass inserts.   

There are also two private sales rooms for those clients who have more time to relax and enjoy their shopping experience, which have a golden artisan plaster finish, and feature the pantheon inspired mesh sliding doors. 

Bulgari showcases contemporary art and selected work from contemporary artist Nicolas Ruel, born in Montreal. Nicolas Ruel known for his series of shots entitled “Cityscape, Civilization and Industrial” where he shoots emblematic cities with a futuristic angle and tributes to historical sites, with an in-room double exposure method, a prevalent feature in his work to create unique visual signatures.   The store has two pieces of Ruel’s work of the architectural splendors of Rome.  There are also several colourful artwork pieces of the iconic pop artist Andy Warhol who famously once quoted “For me calling at Bulgari shop is like visiting the best exhibition of contemporary art”.