Breitling Soars to New Heights: Celebrating 140 Years of Flight Legends and a Superstar Partnership

Breitling celebrates 140 years of aviation firsts with stunning new watch releases! Reimagined classics like the Navitimer 41 and the limited-edition Cosmonaute mark this milestone, alongside a partnership with football superstar Erling Haaland.

Breitling’s 140th anniversary isn’t just a milestone; it’s a rocket launch. This year, they’re reclaiming their place in the skies with reimagined icons, a reborn space hero, and a partnership with the unstoppable force of football – Erling Haaland. Get ready for a journey that’s equal parts innovation and pure thrill.

Breitling Navitimer Automatic GMT 41_Ref. R32310251L1R1 & R32310251L1P1

Breitling: Where Time Meets the Sky

For Breitling, watches weren’t just about telling time; they were tools for conquering the air. Their onboard timepieces powered early commercial flights, and when the Navitimer debuted back in 1952, it was a revolution. That circular slide rule? A pilot’s flight calculator strapped right to their wrist. The Navitimer quickly became THE watch for daring aviators and icons like Miles Davis, because who else embodied that fearless, always-breaking-boundaries spirit?

The Navitimer Takes a Modern Turn

Now, Breitling’s updating the legend with the Navitimer GMT and Automatic 41. Think streamlined, contemporary, still showcasing that intricate slide rule that made the original famous. Polished details, vibrant dials in ice blue, green, and classic shades… It’s a testament to the past, reimagined for today’s explorers, whether they’re in the cockpit or conquering their own everyday world. Responsibly sourced gold options? That’s a nod to Breitling’s commitment to doing right as they break new ground.

Navitimer B12 Chronographe 41 Cosmonaute

The Cosmonaute: A Space Legend Returns to Earth

In 1962, astronaut Scott Carpenter made history with a custom Navitimer – the Cosmonaute – the first Swiss watch to orbit the Earth. Well, Breitling’s celebrating their anniversary by bringing it back, but with a twist. This limited-edition beauty is built for modern life. Think rich 18k gold, a deep green dial, and an automatic movement that doesn’t need zero-gravity to impress. Flipping it over reveals the inscription: “First Swiss Wristwatch in Space”. It’s a wearable piece of history, fueled by Breitling’s audacious spirit.

Haaland: The Perfect Wingman

The Navitimer has always been for those who chart their own path, the ones who defy the limits. That’s why football sensation Erling Haaland is front and center this year. “Breitling’s a force, always pushing what’s possible,” Haaland says. “I’m excited to see what other surprises they have, and to take my own journey to the next level.”

Buckle Up, the Adventure’s Just Begun

Breitling’s 140th isn’t the finish line; it’s the starting blocks. Expect innovation, expect the unexpected…because the only direction they know is upwards. Whether you’re drawn to the precision of the Navitimer or the exclusivity of the Cosmonaute, this year, you’re invited to join the flight.